About Us


Karsten Family Nursery

We are a small family-owned production nursery that sells a variety of trees and shrubs.  About 30 years ago Glen Karsten stumbled across an amazing new cultivar of Willow Tree he dubbed the "Hybrid Willow" and he began to propagate this cultivar and sell it as a replacement for other less desirable windbreak trees, such as the Honeysuckle or the Dogwood. 

The Hybrid Willow tree had one amazing characteristic: it grew extremely rapidly.  By simply watering and adding some fertilizer, the trees would easily reach 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide in three years.  This amazing growth rate was highly desirable for a windbreak tree. 

Farmers and ranchers loved this species as they could plant them across a field and within a short time have a wonderful thick hedge row to stop the wind and snow. 

Suburban homeowners also love this species as it provides an attractive visual barrier from neighbors, without the time and expense of installing a fence.  The Hybrid Willow is also somewhat drought tolerant once established, doesn't require pruning, and has very few insect or disease problems. 

The popularity of this HYBRID Willow means the nursery now ships them all over the USA and we have sold hundreds of thousands at this point with thousands of happy customers. Most of our customers now come from referalls from past customers who were so pleased with the trees we shipped them..

Glen Karsten

Owner of Karsten Nursery - Glen has a background in farming for nearly fifty years.  He started his tree nursery in the early 1980s and has grown hundreds of thousands of trees and shrubs that have been sold throughout Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa and Eastern South Dakota.  He will never retire, even though he's slowing down a little these days. He is still charge and will let you know that if you have any concerns that he is not.  

Joel Karsten

Joel is a Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional through the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association with BS in Horticulture Science from the University of Minnesota, and serves on the board of directors for the Minnesota State Horticultural Association. Joel has a background in Landscape Design, Gardening and Teaching Horticulture.  He is currently an author with Quarto Publishing Company, based in the UK, with four books currently in circulation.  If you have questions about what trees to plant where, horticulture questions, how to plant or how big a particular tree will grow, he is the best contact.  Visit www.StrawBaleGardens.com to see more about his books and other ventures outside of the family nursery.  You may also be interested in watching Joel's recent TEDx Talk.  Click here to watch it.

Springtime at the Nursery

Spring is a very busy time at the nursery, so please be patient with us if we cannot get back to you as quickly as usual. We begin taking orders in November for the following spring, so get in touch with us early to confirm your order in advance and assure we have the stock you are looking for. Last minute inquiries are unfortunately often dissapointed because we often sell out of stock on many species long before Spring arrives.


How does one place an order?  

The easiest way for you to order the HYBRID WILLOW is to click on our store here on the website. If you are interested in anything other than the hybrid willows then you must email us to confirm availability. We will confirm stock and then invoice you for the order through email. We don't want you to order what we don't have, and we don't want to promise what we cannot deliver. The HYBRID WILLOW is always in stock and we find it easiest to have customers simply place orders and pay for those orders here on our website. Just click on the ORDER HYBRID WILLOWS HERE tab above. To find a list of our other stock click on the DOWNLOAD link here on our website.