Guy films Hybrid Willow growth for one season

Check out this great video posted by some guy who filmed his Hybrid Willow's growth for a full season! They grow fast!

Past Customers comments on the Hybrid Willows


Mike L. - Sioux Falls, SD

 "The Willows we purchased last spring are already providing us with a privacy screen and shade. Our neighbors are amazed that we have gotten nearly 12 feet of growth already since we planted them." 

John W. - Sibley, IA

 "Every single one of the 250 trees I purchased last spring made it through the winter and are still growing like weeds. It won't be long now until we cannot see our neighbor's ugly backyard." 

Darren P. - Windom, MN

 "We had the worst soil ever and never thought we could grow anything in our soil. The Willows have grown nearly 15 feet high already in only 15 months. Several of my neighbors want to plant some of your trees also, let us know if we can still get some this summer or are you sold out?"  

Aaron R. - Mankato, MN

 "I am the world's worst gardener, and thought that these trees would end up in the brush pile like most things I plant after a few months. All I have done is water them and they are 25 feet high and very full of leaves. My kid ran the mower over one of them when I first planted it, and it has come back and actually looks the fullest of any of them we planted. Amazing!!!" 


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